Summer Garage Sale

Garage Sale sign on white fence and clear sky

Summer Garage Sale ~ Saturday August 19th 8:00am – 3:00pm

Dig out your unused SCRAPBOOKING or PAPER CRAFTING ITEMS and bring them in to the Shoppe

No table rental required!!! You don’t even have to be here to sell your stuff!!!

Price the items you want to sell, label them with your initials & day of birth  (ie Susie May Penner born on the 15th  would be SMP15) and drop them off between August 10th and August 17th

We will put them out for sale on the 19th of August. How easy could it be??!!

Please package your small or loose items in baggies and seal them well. We will not accept loose items. Items already in a package or larger than 3”x3” are fine

HINT — if you really want the item to sell price it accordingly — we will not barter with purchasers

The purchaser pays cash, the seller gets a store credit for the exact amount – we take no commission or fee


No debit or credit card payments for Garage Sale Items

Click here for a PDF printable info sheet!

Sellers – Unsold items must be picked up no later than August 27th. Items not picked up will be donated. The shoppe is not liable for shoplifting, fire or any damage incurred to garage sale items.