New Catch Up Kits!

We have TWO new Cherry Lane Catch Up Kits… Rebecca’s been busy!
These kits are available in the shoppe now, and are PERFECT for all your summer adventure photos! FYI: Only a couple of each are left in stock 🙂05-2016 Down By The Sea Sneak Peek 05-2016 Enjoy Life Sneak Peek

Kits are always prepared in limited quantities and when they’re gone, they’re gone for GOOD. Don’t wait to call or come in if you see one that you like!

So what exactly IS a “Cherry Lane Catch Up Kit”? This is a pre-planned and pre-cut page… EVERYTHING is ready for you! These kits are intended to save you time & money and help you get caught up!

You just pick up your kit, follow the photo provided, add your adhesives and photos, and voila! Another page done!