Winter Garage Sale February 2018

Garage Sale poster Feb 11x17~ Winter Garage Sale ~ 

Saturday February 17th ~ 8am – 3pm & Sunday February 18th 10am – 2pm

Dig out your unused PAPER CRAFTING ITEMS and bring them in to the Shoppe

No table rental required!!! You don’t even have to be here to sell your stuff!!!

Drop your items off between February 9th and 15th. We will put them out for sale on the 17th of February.  How much easier could it be??!!

  • Seller registration fee is $5, which includes 25 white tags & 25 green tags
  • Additional tags are available ~ 20 tags for $2
  • White tagged items are sold for full price both Saturday & Sunday
  • Green tagged items are sold at full price on Saturday, and half price on Sunday

Only tags purchased from Cherry Lane may be used. If you don’t use all your tags, save them for the next sale!Garage Sale Lady

Sellers receive store credit for the full value of their items sold, less a 10% consignment fee

Please come in to the shoppe to register & pick up your tags. If you can’t come in person, you may register over the phone & have your tags mailed to you.

We hope you can participate & turn your old stash into NEW!!

PURCHASERS ~ PLEASE NOTE ~ CASH ONLY! No debit or credit card payments for Garage Sale Items

The shoppe is not liable for shoplifting, fire or any damage incurred to garage sale items

Click here for a printable info sheet!

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    1. Price it to sell! Maximum half of the new price (even if it is unused!). Bundle like items together.
      You can also come in with your items & we can throw some prices at you. Hope that helps 🙂

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